Pinterest Update #5 – still losing viewers but gaining followers!

As much as I didn’t feel like blogging today, I am keeping my promise to myself to do it. And it’s not great news, but that’s OK. There are mixed results from the last two weeks of blogging on Pinterest.

So my last tally was 580K monthly unique viewers, and that was down from 591 the week before:


The downward trend has continued from the 01.03.2019 and in two weeks (no tally for last week) I’ve dropped to just above 500K unique viewers:




It’s a massive drop because I missed a week and also because it’s a huge drop but😂 I am holding on to my goal friends, and while my goal seems to be further away this week, all is not lost! While I am losing unique viewers, I am gaining followers, and I don’t know why. I mean the drop in unique views is understandable – I haven’t been as diligent in my blogging to Pinterest, and I haven’t been making many edits for my boards or exclusive content. And as I mentioned before, the rich Pins with links back to your website bring a lot of traffic.

There is also another reason why the traffic has dropped, and that’s because the last three Pins that were featured on my boards for driving the most traffic this week were not mine, and all that traffic was going to someone else’s web page. So I have found a way to combat this – I just created a new Tumblr account that covers all the other content I’ve been blogging to Pinterest pointing to other people’s websites. Now, this traffic should come back to me, but we’ll have to test that. I only just set up the new tumblr blog so we’ll measure it again in a week, but it might take a month or two before I start to see the results.

The gain in followers was a surprise, and while it’s not hundreds of people, it’s noticeable when your average is a couple of new followers a week to 10 in a week. I think I mentioned in a previous post that you can still get a lot of views without a lot of followers, but more followers mean more people pinning your content to their boards and therefore, more eyeballs on your content. So I think I should start measuring followers too, just to see how it relates to traffic if it relates at all.


Til next week friends!

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