QotD – Blogger to Blogger: What’s most important, followers or interaction?

I thought this would be a cool idea for the Question of the Day segment where I ask blogger to blogger questions.

As a blogger, different things motivate and drive us to write and blog. So i thought I’d ask a few questions about the blogging process to my fellow bloggers 😊

What is most important to you about blogging in general between reader interaction and followers? Is it most important to you to have less followers but regular interaction? Or is it more important for you to see that follower tally increase?

Personally, I prefer a little of both but if I had to choose I prefer to have interaction with my readers over a huge following.

I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting more followers at all and I would say that when you’re first starting out, this is probably of paramount importance. But for me, I really enjoy connecting with the people that care enough to stop by as it’s my way of saying thank you for supporting a complete stranger 😁

What about my readers? Do you find yourself choosing one over the other? Followers over interaction or vice versa? Let me know in the comments, like if you like and share if you care 😄

5 thoughts on “QotD – Blogger to Blogger: What’s most important, followers or interaction?

  1. I mean it’s always nice to gain new followers but for both of my blogs I’ve always enjoyed my steady readers who consistently like and comment on my posts because they enjoy what I write, and I do the same for them. Interaction just reminds us that someone is seeing what we’re working so hard to put out there. New followers don’t always equate views and comments for every new post, but the people who take the time to type up a reply or click like, they just make the journey fun and not so lonely 😊😀

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