@status update Not feeling like doing anything

Last night I did something I haven’t done in a while and I walked away from my PC and did well, nothing. This is very unlike me. I am usually bursting with creativity at night, but last night I felt so unmotivated. I don’t like getting into slumps like this. Sometimes these “slumps”can last a long time… I am still writing though 😊

6 thoughts on “@status update Not feeling like doing anything

      1. Going pretty well thank you, started a new book by a favorite author, and caught up on some YouTube videos 😊 Although I really need to start writing a post for tomorrow but my will and energy are low and my brain feels too scattered lol 😄😂

      2. I understand completely 😁 Good to hear things are well 😃 and hopefully, you’ll get something written for tomorrow 👍

      3. Thanks, I’m writing now, about a paragraph in so hopefully I get the majority of it done before bed 😄😴