Star Wars Episode IX Poster Leaks **UPDATED**

Carl Milner posted the following image from a leaked source on Reddit and he is saying the poster is legit marketing material for Episode IX – what do you think?

Looks like this could be fake lol! Fooled me 😂😊


IS THIS EXCITING???? Rey and Kylo FRONT AND CENTER – Kylo looks absolutely badass and Rey is in her “also leaked” White Jedi Robes. Friends, this looks like legit leaked images. There are more images to check out on Milner’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode IX Poster Leaks **UPDATED**

  1. I’m so excited to finally get some new SW content, but I’m really hoping this isn’t the official poster they go for in the end — it just feels so random to me. It’s such a hodgepodge of things and people and I really hope we get a more dramatic looking finale poster! But for the love of goodness, I am so ready for new content, like please…give us the title already!!! 😂😂😂

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    1. Yup everyone is feeling the strain of little to no information about Episode IX. I was really excited to see the poster but at the same time I thought it looked like it was fake. The quality of the image is poor and when you zoom in you can see what looks like Photoshopped or mock images pieced together lol. Either way I am so glad to finally see Kylo 😁😍😍😍


      1. I am sure the Knights of Ren will be in the last film. I had doubts about the validity of the image but I’ve spoken to Carl Milner and he thinks its legit and I think being a graphic designer, he’d have a better understanding of mock-up advertising images and fakes. I took one look at it and thought man if that’s photo-shopped it’s beyond professional lol 🙂


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