My return to SWTOR and my new mantra

So part of this blog post is a big deal for me because I used to be an avid SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic) gamer having played the game on and off for years. After all my friends left the game, I stayed on and became a trader with more than 5 billion credits in the bank. One part of SWTOR I loved next to trading was fashion. The clothing designed in SWTOR is actually pretty awesome (well, most of it) and I became somewhat fixated on the different armour sets released in the game. I started to become a collector and found that I had hundreds of armour sets stored away. So I tried to highlight some of these armour sets and talked about how they looked and even rated them.

Playing SWTOR this way was a delightful thing to do, and I found that I had a real knack for collecting items and worked with that in the game. So now, I think I am going to revisit this again because some of the latest armour sets that have been released are AMAZING – I don’t know if the same designer is designing this armour or whether or not they hired someone new, but it’s really noticeable. So expect to see SWTOR content again soon. I’m hoping to combine my newfound photoshop skills with my new SWTOR content, so watch this space!


Which brings me to my next blog point, the quote above which comes from a medium article I didn’t even read. This was the highlight, and it’s all I needed to see. This resonates so much with me because I seem to be always taking on new challenges in some form or another in my life, whether that be in a video game or in the real world. I think as a person, this is what you need to do to grow, even if it means leaving behind something you loved but no longer felt passionate about (and that happens and has happened to me recently).

Nobody else should be able to tell you how to be happy, this can only come from within. Who cares if you make mistakes or even thousands of them along the way? As long as you are trying, that is all that matters. This is my new mantra for 2019. Of course, you can do your best to master something, and that’s definitely what I do when I feel passionate enough to pursue it. But like many things in life, having passion isn’t enough because passion can be fleeting. Even the most dedicated creators find themselves in slumps where passion no longer holds sway, and they feel unmotivated. If you can pull through those moments in your creative life, you know you have something worth doing.

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