The Rise of Skywalker Official D23 Poster Release!

If you spent the early morning hours refreshing and flicking between social media accounts just to get a glimpse of anything from D23 like I did, you’ll be both elated and disappointed. There was no official footage released from the Disney Star Wars panel on Saturday so as fans, we had nothing more to go on other than tweets from journalists at the event and rumours from fans hastagged with #theriseofskywalker. Personally, I can understand why they didn’t reveal any behind the scenes footage. But at the same time, I still feel kind of starved of information about TRoS.

The good news is that Disney will be posting the Behind the Scenes footage on Monday so Tuesday in my country which is SO AMAZING but I still feel like they really could have given us a little more at D23, especially for the international fans having to wake up at all hours.

A new poster was indeed revealed and I’ve had some time to make edits in the meantime which has kept me happy for now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜However, the fans want what the fans want and I’m just dying to see the BTS footage particularly one part of it which I won’t be discussing here as I plan to write my article about it for The Dorkside of the Force. You can read it there if you want.

Here’s my first edit – textless and colour-boosted:


Edit number two with gradients applied which I think looks really kind of cool if I do say so myself:


And the original poster revealed via Star Wars dot com:


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