Padmé and Anakin – Revenge of the Sith


GIF made by Me 🙂


Anakin is not a perfect man: he is prideful and moody, and quick to anger—but these faults only make Padmé love him the more, for his every flaw is more than balanced by the greatness within him, his capacity for joy and cleansing laughter, his extraordinary generosity of spirit, his passionate devotion not only to her but also in the service of every living being. He is a wild creature who has come gently to her hand, a vine tiger purring against her cheek. Every softness of his touch, every kind glance or loving word is a small miracle in itself. How can she not be grateful for such gifts?

Matthew Stover was exceptionally good at capturing the more gentle nature of Anakin whenever he was around Padme. This is why watching movies alone is not really enough. Not if you want to really know the characters. I find that the books fill in the little gaps that would otherwise be empty, the smaller things otherwise overlooked or missed. We only get to see a tiny glimpse of Anakin at his kindest and most caring, and that is quickly erased by the anger that slowly overwhelms him.

I am a massive fan of the extended universe of Star Wars. I believe this is why there is still hope that Star Wars can once again, be celebrated and loved. I’d love to see the fandom joined together once more, but I don’t envy the person tasked with bringing another Star Wars movie to the masses.

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