Darth Malgus Motion Art

While I have spent many years off and on playing SWTOR and reading star wars books, I never knew that Darth Malgus had a completely different name. It makes sense, however, as most Sith lords adopted different names when they became Sith.

It’s strange to imagine a Sith lord as a “normal” person. It’s also hard to imagine a Sith lord talking about the dark side of the force as something “holy”. But it’s fascinating when you look at the dark side from that perspective. Just like the Jedi had their rules and regulations and treated the code of the Jedi just like a religion, the Dark side practitioners and devotees did exactly the same.

If you want more Darth Malgus content, check out this post from yesterday.

Here’s the motion art I made last night, let me know what you think!

Darth Malgus Motion Art
Animated by Darkside Creative

Until my next post, keep safe and keep creating!

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