What Does Star Wars Mean to You?

I’ve written a few articles based on my feelings about Star Wars and what type of impact it has had on my life. But I often wonder about my readers and other fans as well and what they really think or feel about being part of this fandom.

Is it just a thing you do every now and then? Are you entirely dedicated to this fandom and actively seek out other fans to connect with? Is it something that you grew up with within your household, or is it something that you discovered through another person? Everyone has their own story about what Star Wars is to them.


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I am hoping some of you will share those thoughts and feelings with me in this post by leaving me a comment or two about how you became a fan. If you don’t want to mention anything personal, that’s cool – no pressure at all. I’m mostly just curious to see how you all became fans of a galaxy far, far away and why you remain a fan.

I am looking forward to your words and your stories! Can’t wait to read them all.

Stay safe, keep creating, and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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