Star Wars is Poetry – Quote of the Day

I wanted to make an edit from an image I saw on Pinterest and I came up with this and then started thinking about how much of an impact Carrie Fisher had on the Star Wars fandom. And I made this as a small tribute to her legacy on IG.

Carrie Fisher, the Princess of Alderaan, we miss you!

Made by Darkside Creative

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars is Poetry – Quote of the Day

  1. Hi Julie, sorry I’m late commenting on your post, I have been busy building spaceships!
    I can’t believe that it is nearly four years since Carrie passed (if my maths is correct). And it’s funny you post this as I have just received a copy of her book, Wishful Drinking yesterday!
    And while not quite up to your level of art, I did design a saber for Carrie in remembrance and integrated it into a tribute poster. Forever Princess….

    Great sentiments and thanks for sharing.

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      1. Hi there, I’ll be sure to let you know my thoughts on the book – I just have to be in the mood to read.
        My image was one of the first I ever did in GIMP using layers and Gradient Masks to achieve the fading layers, so a lot of trial and error – the saber was the easy part 😉

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      2. Anyone who has spent any amount of time creating something worthwhile understands trial and error. I make so many mistakes when I make something, and because I am a perfectionist, I spend way too much time on the little things that most people wouldn’t even notice lol – I waste a lot of time doing that 😦 That is a really good edit for your first time. I should dig up one of my first edits in Photoshop just to embarrass myself 😛

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