SWTOR – Night Life Event Part II


So for anyone not interested in SWTOR feel free to ignore this post. I felt the need to write it because the current event that is held inside Star Wars The Old Republic is beginning to get on my nerves for various reasons.

Inside this game I am a billionaire. No, I am not boasting, I am leading up to an argument that proves someone with my means inside the game should really have more options than the game provides.

I have everything I want from the Night Life event except one mount that is almost impossible for me to get. The reason for that is technically, I am considered a “casual” player because I don’t play daily nor do I belong to a guild. I log on to play when I feel like it and it suits me fine. What SWTOR has managed to do better than a lot of other MMOs is cater to both the frequent player or “hardcore” variant as well as the casual. But there are only two ways to obtain the Emperor chips that I need. One is to PVE in the game which is a big “no” as I don’t have the time to do that or to spend hours on the Kingpin machines hoping to see the emperor chips drop.

It also looks like they may have lowered the drop rate on the emperor chips as well which is doubly annoying.

The Night Life event is one of my favourites but it seriously has its flaws in terms of its design. Firstly, if you are rich and have thousands of credits, you will eventually get almost everything on offer at this event. So while you play the casino machines, you will be racking up a lot of golden certificates and cartel market certificates. To give you an indication, I currently have 230 cartel market certificates and 47 golden certificates. I also have two of the rare Phrojo Nuray companions and three of the vectron wraith speeders.


I could just give these to my other characters as they are bound to legacy which is fine. But I don’t really have any need for the golden certificates or the cartel market certificates because I have everything I want from the items available. So why can’t the developers create a method for people like me to be able to either a) cash in these unused certificates for something they want such as Emperor chips to use on the Hutt machine OR some other sort of equivalent.

They haven’t updated the cartel market items since I started playing this game back in 2011. So as you can imagine, I have just been accumulating cartel market certificates for no reason at all since they won’t update the items ever. So that is all my time and effort amounting to nothing at all. I cannot use them to buy any items and we are not allowed to trade them.

I get that they want the economy to stay balanced which is the only reason I can think of for restricting the trading on certificates and rare drops from the event. But seriously, I think this is unfair for players like me. We have nothing we can do with this currency when we should have at least another option to cash them in somehow. Oh I also have 400 plus Kingpin chips too which I doubt I’ll ever use again.

I am thinking of putting some of these comments into a forum post to see if anyone else is in the same situation as I am. I do know that the devs of SWTOR are very responsive in the public forums with feedback. So if my request gains traction, you never know where that could lead. I am being optimistic but I try to look on the brighter side 🙂


Sigh. Okay sorry for the long-winded post but it’s out of me now, I feel a little better 😂 🤣

Hit me up in the comments if you have any feedback or suggestions about my very unimportant gaming dilemma!

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2 thoughts on “SWTOR – Night Life Event Part II

  1. I have stopped playing most online games, due to frustration. If it is not the fact in most you pay to win it’s the obvious cheats. Plus I just go out more and get fresh air, even sitting reading a book is more enjoyable. Life is already too competitive. Why do something voluntarily if it just annoys you. The other thing is I find most online games too repetitive. I have felt much better mentally since giving up.

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    1. Yeah I know what you mean 🙂 I am a glutton for punishment I guess lol with swtor it’s really a very casual thing. Plus I seem to be pretty good at making cash in this game and trading is a lot of fun for me so that’s why I keep playing it. But I did stop for a really long time and didn’t play any games for like two years straight which is a long time for me. I used to be a video game fanatic and I used to write for several online websites about video games so for me to not play was a big deal. So now I just play swtor for the trading and that’s all at this point. There just isn’t the same appeal with any other games released so far 🙂


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