Social Media and Blogging Update #5 – Pinterest and IFTTT

Until Pinterest had made their change to saved pin statistics on their website, I had spent many hours trying to find a social media solution to my problem. I tried to research ways to automatically send any pin I pin on Pinterest to my Instagram account.

But this is an impossible task unless you do it manually, which is what I’ve been trying to automate. There are plenty of apps that do the opposite, uploading from Instagram to Pinterest, but nothing that does it the other way around. I suspect this is because of the very nature of pinning from other sites without consent or copyright. And that applies to both Instagram users and Pinterest users.

But now that I have had to rethink my Pinterest strategy, I am looking at ways to automate when I post to either my blog or Instagram that will upload automatically to Pinterest (so that I can create more traffic from my claimed accounts while still pinning on Pinterest).

What is IFTTT and how do you use it?

IFTTT allows you to create “rules” that you can use to upload content and transfer content from almost every app out there, except Pinterest to Instagram. Once you choose the app you want to create from (so in this instance, I would be using Instagram to automate images for uploading to Pinterest), you then create a “trigger”, which creates the rule to upload content from one website to another. The trigger could be in the form of a hashtag, making it as easy as adding that specific hashtag to your image caption on Instagram. Yup, it really is that easy.

Via Wikimedia

I thought I’d ask my readers which apps they use to automate their social media updates and uploads on their phones? My biggest issue is that I was using Pinterest as my “hub” and posting from there to Instagram manually. This wastes a lot of time, and my Instagram updates have suffered as a result. Now, I have to use either my blog or Instagram as the starting point for uploading Pinterest content.

I have now automated the process so that if I want to post from Instagram to Pinterest, I can simply add a hashtag. And I am also using IFTTT to automate posts to Tumblr. This is slowly making a huge difference in keeping those accounts updated regularly, but Pinterest is still trending down for me (more on that in another post).

Please feel free to comment and ask questions, and I’ll do my best to help!

Until next time friends and bloggers!

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