The Last Jedi – How could Snoke not see his own demise coming?

So Snoke can control and manipulate Ben Solo (as a Padawan) through space, can fashion the force as a communication tool between Rey and Kylo Ren but he couldn’t see Kylo’s deceit when he was in the same room?

Help me out please, how could this happen when Snoke was a very powerful force user? So the obvious argument is that a) Snoke wasn’t controlling the Force when he said he was and lied about this to Rey and Ben. Ok, but what about his connection through the Force with Ben Solo? Luke confirmed that he could already see the darkness taking hold of Ben so we can only assume Snoke was already partially controlling Ben and shaping him into Kylo Ren.

And yet he couldn’t protect himself from Kylo’s betrayal in the Throne room. I’m guessing Snoke wasn’t as powerful as he wanted people to think he was, which makes sense. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments Star Wars friends 😁

2 thoughts on “The Last Jedi – How could Snoke not see his own demise coming?

    1. Yeah, sounds about right. I could totally believe it of Snoke, but even Luke talked about falling victim to his own ego. Vanity can be lethal 😁😂


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