Inside Photoshop Part III – Duo tones and Double Exposure

I’ve recently blogged about using duo tones in my Photoshop edits which can create really pretty images with multiple colours. Duo tones in general are used quite a lot in graphic design and you can see examples of this just about anywhere on the internet. I recently learned how to create double exposure edits in Photoshop as well and figured that it would be cool to try and combine these two effects and see how things work out. Duo tones and double exposure effects are also really common graphic design techniques used to create media that looks stunning as well as creating eye-catching images that draw readers in.

Here’s one I did the other day of Kylo Ren from a photo shoot for promotional TLJ media:


I really want to continue practicing these techniques so I don’t forget them! So far, they are proving to be really handy for making normal images “pop” on the screen or the blog post.

And to celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th, I also made another Kylo Ren animation from the new images released for The Rise of Skywalker (both the art from the movie and the books for pre-order this week I think). What do you think of these?

the-journey-to-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-kylo-ren-cover-art (945px, 25fps).gif

3 thoughts on “Inside Photoshop Part III – Duo tones and Double Exposure

  1. I really like the double-exposure of Kylo Ren, sort of portraying his inner conflict and dual nature. It definitely “pops” and captures the eye.

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