Community Showcase – Cristian Mihai, Blogger Extraordinare

Welcome to the very first of my community showcase posts! As mentioned yesterday, I will be choosing one person each month from my list of followers to showcase on my blog.

This is not a “post for a post” or “guest post” type of blog post either, it’s just me saying thank you to some of the people who have supported me on this blog. And even though I may not interact with all of the people I’ll mention here, I want to show my appreciation just the same.

Cristian Mihai shouldn’t need an introduction. He has a very successful blog on WordPress, one that has thousands of followers! He is a very prominent force in the blogging world, and he is always offering his insights into the world of blogging.

If you want to learn what it takes to be a successful blogger on this platform, his blog is probably a good place to start.

Cristian Mihai

Since Jun 13, 2017

So Cristian has been a follower of mine since Jun 13, 2017!  Back then, I don’t
think I blogged much at all. In fact, I was still figuring out whether or not I wanted a blog on WordPress at that point.

When I look at my stats from that period, they were terrible! I’d be lucky to get 10 views a day back then. So Cristian started following me way back when my blog was hardly a blog at all, and for that, I am extremely thankful.

Sometimes I want to ask people why they follow me just so I can understand what it is that gets people to press the “follow” button. It’s a simple thing to do but it can mean so much.

So thank you Cristian for sticking it out with me!

If you want to check out his blog on blogging, you can do so right here.

As always, be safe, everyone, and I’ll catch you on the next post!

If you want to read more about the people that inspire me, why not follow this blog which you can do right here!

2 thoughts on “Community Showcase – Cristian Mihai, Blogger Extraordinare

    1. Thank You very much for your wonderful comment. It’s people like you that do encourage me to continue doing what I’m doing because I know that it’s as much for my readers as it is for me 🙂 Thank you again, and have a wonderful day!


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