Who Is the Worst Character in the Sequel Trilogy?

Star Wars can always be better, but sometimes, it’s just bad. In this series of posts, we examine the stories and characters behind the cinematic universe of Star Wars.

This might be a hard question for some and an easy one for others. I thought it would be easier to start with the sequel trilogy since that is the most recent. So, let’s get down to it, who is the absolute worst character and why?

The Jar Jar Binks Effect

If you think about a trilogy in its entirety, it’s easier to think about the characters that stood out for you. The more heroic characters are (funnily enough) the most popular, but there are a lot of side characters that can have a significant impact on the hero during their journey. And the movie itself!

Everyone knows (or should know) about the disdain that followed poor Jar Jar Binks when the prequel trilogy released. Do you think there is someone equally “bad” in the sequels? And in what way did this character seem off to you?

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A lot of fans supported some minor characters almost as much as Rey and Kylo Ren (Ben Solo). And I’ve thought long and hard about my decision on who that character might be for me.

The character or the actor?

Finn’s journey in the sequel trilogy just seemed a little redundant to me. And therefore, his character didn’t really have that much meaning. The only aspect of his character I liked was his role as a stormtrooper and how he did what he could to escape his doomed fate.

That was actually heroic of Finn. But from that moment on, Finn’s purpose in the overall story was lost on me. And it didn’t get any better as the trilogy moved on. In fact, I felt his character wasn’t written very well compared to some others.

Even Poe Dameron’s story seemed rushed. Watching The Rise of Skywalker, it felt to me like they had added bits and pieces into the story to include him and make it seem like he had this huge backstory to tell as a spice runner. The question is, does anyone care?

Star Wars 9's John Boyega Feeds Finn/Poe Shippers | Screen Rant
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And the actor behind the characters should never matter, but for some fans, it really does. And I think the fandom can blur the lines between who the person is in actual life and who they portrayed on-screen.

Have a think about who you think stood out for you in the sequel trilogy for all the wrong reasons and let me know your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to see if we agree or disagree.

Until my next post, keep safe, keep creating and I’ll catch you later!

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5 thoughts on “Who Is the Worst Character in the Sequel Trilogy?

  1. I can see why Finn’s character would leave much to be desired. He started off interesting in “The Force Awakens” as the defiant solider and they could have expanded upon it. So I don’t see him as an annoying character, just that he wasn’t fleshed out enough to provide audiences with understanding to his conviction.

    Personally, I was hoping Finn’s breakaway from the First Order would send him on a quest to find his family. And he’d turn out to be Mandalorian; so we could comprehend he has roots of being a hero in a noble honorable tribe and he would have to get in touch with those roots to redeem himself from the dishonorable actions of being a stormtrooper.

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    1. COZYFANCORNER! How are you??? Glad to see you’re still using WordPress 🙂 Thanks for the comment. I definitely didn’t find Finn as annoying as some people found Jar Jar Binks. I just thought they could have done more. It was like he was just kind of hanging around, following Rey everywhere she went and getting himself into disastrous situations as result. I like your idea for Finn a lot better 🙂


    1. Hey there! Nice to xsee you 🙂 Glad to see you’re safe and I hope your family are as well 😀 And yeah, fan fiction can sometimes be better than the movies lol


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