How You Can Still Use Grammarly For Editing Posts

So I thought I’d post this really quickly because I know there are some writers using WordPress who still want to be able to use Grammarly as their editing software.

Well, it turns out that you can still use Grammarly just not from the post itself. I came across this purely by accident as I was editing tags and categories for one of my blogs. I started to edit one of the posts from inside the WP Admin part of the blog instead of from the post itself. If you search for your posts from the WP Admin section of your blog, you can edit using Grammarly! Pretty neat, huh?

I don’t know how long this will work for or whether they have plans to remove Grammarly as an editor entirely but it works for now so I say use it if you need to!

Also, if you’re wondering whether or not Grammarly can be used on your mobile devices, I have discovered that you can still use it on your mobile devices from within WordPress.

What about the Classic Editor?

Yup, you can use the classic editor from the WP Admin page as well AND you can still revert back to the classic editor on the mobile version of WordPress also 😁

I hope this post helps you out 😁 Let me know how you get on in the comments, friends!

Until tomorrow’s post, stay safe out there, please wear your masks and I’ll catch you all later.

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