What being a Star Wars fan means to me

After a rather overly excited moment at the computer, I’ve managed to compose myself so I can write about the new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The trailer is just amazing! That said, some of my fellow Star Wars friends are refusing to watch it because they don’t want to see any potential movie spoilers. This situation makes it harder for me to get in touch with my inner fangirl.

I have a friend who is also totally devoted to Star Wars except we celebrate our fandom quite differently. He refuses to watch any footage prior to seeing a new film and will refuse to speak of it at all. I respect his decision but I don’t entirely understand it. I’ve never been one to worry about spoilers, in fact, I welcome them, and I have had to practice serious restraint when writing reviews so I don’t reveal anything to my audience. This is a lot harder to do than you might think, especially when you’re writing about something you’re passionate about. It’s like you can see this amazing thing and you want to celebrate this amazing thing but you cannot, under any circumstances, discuss the real reason or reasons why. You can skirt around the topic all you like and maybe even write a very small teaser or two but you can never cross the line into spoiler territory. This is the (mostly) unspoken rule of an entertainment writer.

My argument is that it’s just so much fun to think about and talk about the “what ifs?” I love watching fan made video clips and watching other fans celebrate their fandom with the world. I enjoy thinking about and writing about what could happen in The Last Jedi because it’s fun and exciting to do. If you follow the star wars tag on Tumblr, you’ll be exposed to this type of content from fans who aren’t afraid to let their minds wander through all the possibilities. I believe it’s one of those things that only a true fan could really understand. So I’m fine with those people who don’t want to talk about how exciting the new trailer is, but in my world, that’s the very reason behind why I do what I do and what it means to be a true Star Wars fan.


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