SWTOR Holofile – Armour update!

SWTOR Blog BannerHello Star Wars friends! I created a new banner for my SWTOR posts so I can separate them from my Darksider Blog posts which are mostly focused on writing and personal stuff. So here’s an update on what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. My armour collection is coming along nicely as I managed to locate and buy an armour set I didn’t have in my collection: TURNCOAT *FULL SET (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)


The Turncoat set isn’t anything great, it’s not all that nice looking but I’m trying to collect everything that I can including Bronze and Silver armour sets.
The other sets I am currently trying to collect are the Ancient Paragon, Ancient Vindicator, Seasoned Professional and the Revered Chronicler although I doubt I’ll be able to collect the Chronicler or the Professional unless they bring the packs back that dropped them (Cartel Market). I don’t find either of these sets very appealing but I do like the Paragon and Vindicator sets for Republic characters. The Imperial set looks kinda ugly.
ANCIENT PARAGON (PUB) (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)
ANCIENT VINDICATOR (PUB) (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)
ANCIENT PARAGON (IMP) (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)
ANCIENT VINDICATOR (IMP) (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)
SEASONED PROFESSIONAL (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)
REVERED CHRONICLER (Image Credit: Dulfy.net)