Star Wars Post – Updated Kylo Ren “The Light” Wallpaper and Kylo Ren “Burn”

I’ve recently become a “Wallpaper Engine” inductee – I’m taking my motion art and gifs to the next level and trying to recreate them as actual backgrounds or “wallpaper” for everyone to enjoy. I was put onto the idea by someone who left a really nice comment on my Instagram page some months ago. Initially, I didn’t think my motion art would work with wallpaper engine but I’ve revisited the idea and my first wallpaper is ready to go – what do you think? It’s big enough for 4K resolution monitors (I’ve actually got this wallpaper working on my PC and it actually looks amazing in 4K resolution).

I took the concept for this from an original edit found on Reddit and I kinda went with it from that image – I removed the text, edited the image extensively in Photoshop and then added the animation for the final result***EDIT*** The full resolution image actually broke WordPress and wouldn’t display so I had to edit it down to 1080p:


While I was creating stuff I also updated this gif I posted some time ago by adding the lightsaber effect to the image (original art by Eddie H)

KYLORENBYEDDIEH (846px, 25fps)

Enjoy friends 🙂



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