Episode IX Star Wars – Son of Darkness


If you haven’t yet heard about the rumoured title for the next Star Wars movie Episode IX, you’re either very good at staying away from social media or you’re living on a remote island in the middle of nowhere! The rumoured title is doing the rounds on social media in a big way and this new graphic (above) showed up on reddit on the Star Wars Speculation subreddit (which I read daily).

And as always with rumours, there is more than one and there are quite a few rumours out there about what the new title will be. However, the majority of them have not had as much of a push online as “Son of Darkness”.


I am hoping this title is legit. It’s been no secret that I am not hoping for a fairy tale ending for Rey and Kylo Ren and I have never supported the Ben Solo redemption arc idea either. I’ll upload art about it and I’ll talk about it on social media but the ending I envision for the two leads ends in darkness and death. My ultimate BEST ending would be for Rey and Kylo to fight it out to the death, either one of them dying at the hands of the other OR both of them dying from their fatal wounds after an EPIC fight to finish the saga.

I’ve never felt that Kylo deserved redemption and I’ve never wanted Ben Solo to show up suddenly as if nothing had happened. Let’s remember people, Kylo Ren is a cold blooded killer! He killed his own father, killed his mentor and teacher (well, I honestly don’t blame him for killing Snoke) and blamed the whole thing on Rey. How can this man be someone to forgive? Kylo Ren (to me) is beyond redemption in my headcanon and this is the ending I want.


So the title “Son of Darkness” fits perfectly with my non-fairytale ending. However, this title could have several meanings (it is Star Wars afterall!) so I am not entirely sold on this possible title referring to Kylo Ren. The other possible ending could be where Rey finally gives in to Kylo Ren, becomes his mistress in darkness and Rey has a child who then becomes the “Son of Darkness”.

I guess the biggest question is do we even have balance at this time in the galaxy? Rey is the light and Kylo the darkness? If so, Kylo Ren truly IS the son of darkness and all will end just how I want it to.

And to celebrate my support of this rumoured title, I made a little GIF thingy just because šŸ™‚


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