“The Mandalorian” will be Eight episodes long




And I can’t wait for this. Mostly because I like Pedro Pascal and I think he’s going to be superb as The Mandalorian. The only thing I hope for is that the writing is of a good standard and that his character gets the backstory it deserves. Without a backstory, really, there is no backbone to a character. I mean take Darth Vader for instance, let’s pretend that the prequel trilogy’s never existed (I know some fans really wish this, but I don’t). We would never see the struggle of Anakin Skywalker or how he set out on the path to the dark side. And that is a whole lot of storytelling that wouldn’t exist and a whole other layer to Darth Vader’s character that wouldn’t be there.

I want these future Star Wars ventures to do well. I think there is a huge divide amongst the Star Wars fans and I don’t believe The Mandalorian will fix it, but at least it’s something more they can focus on away from the Skywalker trilogy.