Being blocked on Social Media

/rant on

This is something I haven’t really blogged about before because it felt kind of silly and I didn’t really care too much to write about it. But today it seems like I should because I still don’t get why people you have never met or followed or had ANY interaction with, block you.

I get why blocking is a thing, and for many circumstances, it’s certainly warranted and needed. But come on, people… blocking someone you’ve never interacted with just because they might throw a “like” on something you dislike? Is this necessary?

This is why fandoms are split. It’s this mentality that throws people apart when they should be growing together – IT’S cool to have your opinions and to think that you’re right no matter what, I can understand why people do this and feel this way. It’s an internet thing, it goes way beyond social media, and it’s been happening for years and years before forums even existed and yes, even before social media.

And today I tried to save a beautifully artistic picture of Kylo Ren to my Pinterest board and was told I couldn’t because “the user has blocked you”. I have never interacted with a single person on Pinterest, not in any way other than replying to likes people have added to my images or GIFs or edits. So I don’t even know who this person is. And they will never know me, and the only thing I can take away from this is I happened to like something randomly one day that they don’t. That’s it.

Blocking someone who is bothering you is understandable, blocking someone you’ve never interacted with, not so much. I feel sad about it. I’m bothered by it but not in the way I expected. I’m just disappointed that this is what we have become; people who struggle for interaction every day, yet here we are blocking people we’ve never met.

You will never see what I have to offer the world, you will never see beyond your own biased nature, I feel sorry for you. I really do.

I never have and never will block a person just because they like something I don’t. Heck, I even use tumblr saviour, so I don’t have to unfollow people that blog stuff I don’t like. I get posts on my dashboard every single day that I don’t care for, but I don’t block anyone because of it. I will never understand this mentality and I never want to.

/rant off

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