Follows, likes and hate

Lately, I’ve felt somewhat overwhelmed by social media. It’s become a focus of mine to check and see if I’ve had any new follows, likes, reblogs etc. This is one reason I didn’t really want to return to social media in the way that I have because it soon takes over. What’s important to me is that I write period. But now I feel almost crippled by the social media feedback and instead of writing five pieces a day, I haven’t been able to write anything. I read on some blog that consistency is one thing you need if you want social media to work for you. Consistency is also important when you’re blogging. How many potential followers have I missed out on because I didn’t blog for a day or three? Probably a few, I would think. How many blogs have you unfollowed because the blog wasn’t updated on a semi-regular basis? Probably a few, right? I am sure that once I’ve gained a loyal audience and I’m connecting with my readers on a regular basis, followers and likes and reblogs will become a lot less important. At that point, you would like to think that even if you don’t blog for a day, your loyal followers won’t care as long as you blog at some point.

Are these issues even important? I don’t know, I suppose if I want to continue gaining an audience, I need to rely on social media to get myself “out there”. But for right now, I hate it. I actually feel quite a bit of contempt for social media and everything it stands for.

4 thoughts on “Follows, likes and hate

  1. [ Smiles ] Bloggers should have a schedule; that way, their readers would know if they publish articles daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

    A person should not have to guess when they are going to update their blog again.

    For the record, it is not mandatory to publish articles daily (Now, I publish articles daily, because I love doing so).

    Also, if I am unable to devote time for blogging on a specific day, I would schedule my articles by setting them to be published on a certain day and time (That feature is in the dashboard of all blog sites).

    When I used to blog on WordPress, I made it a habit of scheduling a week’s worth of articles in advance.

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  2. Hello there 🙂 Thanks so much for the comments and advice, all very good advice as well. I know that you can “queue” posts on most blog platforms nowadays but I’ve never used it. Maybe that’s something I will consider going forward 🙂


  3. I understand completely. Over this past week my social media on fb and Twitter blew up! From a hundred or less to thousands but what was it all for if my writing still isn’t read? My creativity too is stifled by the constant checking or trying to figure out to promote efficiently!

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    1. I have only just seen this now! Thanks for replying 😁 I’m mostly a hobbyist these days so I’m not too invested in promoting my work but I do love any recognition I receive 😁 It can become an obsession the whole checking social media thing but I’m trying not to let any of it impact my reason for starting a blog in the first place which is of course, to write ☺

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