I got a facelift!


Well, in actuality I didn’t get a facelift per se, my blog, however, is feeling completely renewed 🙂 I made a decision to upgrade my blog and with it, customised a new look and feel that I think is a lot more me. My previous theme was too cluttered and the colours didn’t really suit the “feel” of my blog. Now I think it looks and feels a lot more professional and gets the point of my blog across more precisely. So I haven’t been writing for the last couple of days due to this upgrade.

On other matters, I am still researching SEO and social media in general. I think if I want to battle this behemoth that is the social media beast, I need to know what I’m up against. There is a tonne of information out there and some misinformation also. It’s important to note the difference, which I’m slowly learning to do. I’ve also started a side project called “Darkside Creative” and I’ve created the beginnings of my ‘brand’. It’s a very interesting experience. You really don’t know the impact change can have on your online presence until you test it. I’ve been trying to get invited to more Pinterest boards because I believe Pinterest is the one social media platform that will help to boost all the others and most importantly, drive traffic to my blog. Once I’ve got the ball rolling there, I’ll feel a lot better about how everything is progressing.

And finally, I accepted the contributor role I was offered a few weeks back so I’ll be finally blogging about Star Wars for a well-established brand that is separate to my own. Hopefully, I can reap the rewards of that endeavour also.

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