SWTOR Reported #01


I wrote about SWTOR reported and what it means to me in terms of my existence inside the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Today I was (un)lucky enough to come across another moron throwing their weight around in general chat channel thinking they could get away with talking about “niggers” and what they’d like to do with one if they found one (extremely unsavoury and explicit chat followed).




I decided to keep the responses from other players because some of them are golden! I also spent a few minutes explaining to another player how to use the report function as they were new to the game. Which brings me to my next point. This type of behaviour (unfortunately) is not uncommon in video game communities today. If you visit certain chat forums (as an example 4chan) you’ll see just how degraded some of the forum users can be. It’s the same thing with video games. Some gamers like to display their toxicity in general chat for everyone to read. I am not against a person wanting to express themselves (even if they are disgusting and demeaning) but there is a place and a medium for that and a general chat channel in a video game is not one of them. I am not entirely sure of what the “rules and guidelines” are for forums such as 4chan but I’d like to think that the people running it have a sense of decency to restrict access to these forums for the sake of the younger generation of gamers who like to be curious and explore.

One thought on “SWTOR Reported #01

  1. […] I saw this post yesterday on Twitter where a couple of SWTOR gamers were talking about “the age of the ban”. Just by admitting that they are reinforcing every reason why “banning” players who can’t behave or who consistently break the ToS is a requirement of this “age”. If you can’t play responsibly like a normal person and you can’t follow rules (that is you don’t discuss raping your sister, your friend, your companion in General Chat or discussing BDSM while constantly harassing other players with even more inappropriate comments) then you should be banned, period. […]


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