Instagramming on the Darkside


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I created an Instagram account just for Star Wars related content a while ago. I decided in my infinite wisdom (yes, that’s sarcasm just in case you missed it :P) that it would be better if I separated general Star Wars content from SWTOR content so I could run the odd giveaway for SWTOR gamers and generally focus on trading, trading tips, and general SWTOR in-game content. Now I’m finding it difficult to locate good content for SWTORDarksider that I haven’t created myself. It’s a lot harder to find nice images to post (that you haven’t taken from the game or created yourself) so the account is kind of sitting in limbo right now and it’s annoying me a fair bit. I had every intention to run giveaways for my followers but then realised not every one that follows me will be on the same server as I am (Satele Shan). So this poses a major problem as I thought running giveaways would get more people to follow me (generally speaking, it works pretty well for Youtubers). So I’m not entirely sure that I can run this Instagram account the way I initially envisioned. My first attempt at a giveaway sucked majorly with people messaging me on my Instagram account to tell me where to send the armour… that wasn’t how the giveaway worked at all :(.

But I’m not giving up, not yet anyway. I think I can still juggle two accounts for the meantime but we’ll see how things pan out. I have next to no followers at the moment (84) compared to my other account which has a couple thousand followers. Is having followers follow you that important? Yeah, it kinda is. I never thought I would be the type of person that cared much about social media but as you can see (through all my many trials and tribulations) social media pwns me in more ways than one.

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