I don’t wanna be that person

… that’s checking stats and views on their posts every other minute. Or the person that cares about likes and recognition that they’re doing something unique, something special and that people care about what I think and say.

But I am. And this is the thing when I first started actively blogging on WordPress; I never believed the advice of others because I was naive. But since I’ve been more disciplined and more passionate about my writing in general, I now see that I’ve gone from 1 visit to my blog in a week to 60 visitors a day. Not big numbers I know, but this makes me happy.

And the best part about this entire experience is that the way I feel about my writing (and myself) comes alive in my words, and the most rewarding part is knowing that other people can maybe see it too.

I know at times I can be my worst enemy but I can also be my own best friend, and I like her a whole lot more. 🙂

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