Star Wars is poetry

Darksider Blog BannerI realised something today after I spent some time looking at other people’s blogs and well, let’s just say that my blog has a long way to go before I’ll be happy with it. On a positive note, I think I’ve found a way to separate my blog content so I’ve created different banners depending on what the topic is. I’ve created a category for “personal” writing which will be the category I use to write articles like this one that is more personal and focused on writing and the writing process. My other two blog categories are mostly for SWTOR/Star Wars content specifically so anyone who is interested in those posts can search for them via tag/category. I started a blog over on Tumblr some time ago that has had zero traction due to me neglecting it so I think I’ll start writing the “Star Wars is Poetry” content here instead. I came up with the idea to post words/phrases/quotes/paragraphs that I liked into a blog as I came across them in my neverending search for Star Wars knowledge. Some of the things I’ve read such as quotes from fan fiction, paragraphs from books, comics, quotes from movie characters etc, some of it is really quite beautiful and I look at a lot of that content as “poetry” so I came up with “Star Wars Poetry.” I feel kind of excited about starting this so I’ll do my best to get a blog post up tomorrow.

For now, I found this on Twitter and found it to be quite moving…

“He’d gone to Shmi Skywalker’s grave to apologize for losing her son. He had never met her, knew her only from Anakin’s stories, but Qui-Gon had made her a promise and Obi-Wan hadn’t been able to keep it. As he stood there, looking at the stone, he felt an even deeper shame. Qui-Gon had left her there a slave, and Obi-Wan had done everything in his power to prevent Anakin’s return. It was only the love of a good man, here on Tatooine, that had saved her – the kind of love the Jedi were supposed to eschew. Yet it had done something the Jedi could not.”

This is excerpt is about Obi-Wan Kenobi who never forgave himself for losing Anakin to the Dark Side. The fall of Anakin Skywalker still proves to be one of the most moving and emotional parts of the Star Wars story for me. I could go on forever about the fall of Anakin Skywalker, but for now, I think I’ll save that for another post (or two) 🙂

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