So many possibilities – The Last Jedi


If you’re reading this there is a very good chance you’ve had a crazy TLJ day just like I have. First the TLJ tickets drop and then the new theatrical poster releases and lastly, the trailer itself.

What can I say about the trailer? Holy crap friends!!!!! Did it get you hyped?? It certainly delivered in terms of the possible plot twists. Rey in training and then Luke appearing to be genuinely afraid of the power Rey possesses. Like what?? Given that Luke already suffered after losing Ben Solo to the dark side, I suppose it’s not that surprising he turns Rey away. But still… I hate to say this because I love Luke Skywalker, but the older man we see now is broken and acting a little cowardly. He is no longer the fearless Luke we saw kill a rancor in RotJ. It seems like he is done with the force and therefore of no use to Rey.

Could this mean that there is a chance that Rey will seek out someone else to train her? Possibly Snoke? We see Rey in pain at the hands of Snoke but what is she doing there? And Kylo Ren! Sporting his brand new scar courtesy of Rey, bad boy Kylo looks like he’s having serious doubts about himself after losing to an uninitiated Rey in TFA. Just who is he holding out his hand to at the end? It could be Rey as the trailer certainly hints towards this. But I’m not sure they’d give that much of the plot away.

All I know is that today has made me recognise how much of a fan I really am. My Dad would be proud.

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